Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nice but heavy

Ez itt egyike az elso nyaklancoknak, amit csinaltam. Es persze az elso hibak is benne vannak, peldaul eleg rovid lett es ami meg rosszabb, jo nehez. Egy estere el tudnam kepzelni, de egy napig az irodaban hordani keptelenseg. Ugyhogy le fogom bontani, ugyhogy itt legalabb megmarad, milyen is volt.

This is one of the first necklaces I've made. And of course it has some begginners mistakes on it: it is too short and what is worse, it is very heavy. Wearing it to go out would be still ok but to have it on the whole day in the office is impossible. So I will make something else of if, but I put it here to keep the evidence I had this once.

Book update: Die Herrlichkeit des Lebens finished on 18.01.2013. I am sorry to say that but I was really looking forward to that part when he died. The book is NOT GOOD. 

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