Saturday, April 2, 2016


Sooo, in the past month there have been a lot of crocheting, some knitting and a new skill: spinning:) The latest I still need to practice a lot but I can tell you, it is soo much fun! Especially that the wool is so soft;I think hobbies that feel good and soft in your hands are better for your soul - especially for mine. That´s why I switched from jewellery to knitting. Because the touch is much nicer!

This is me spinning.

We´ve been to the annual knitting weekend with the knitting group - it was again very nice. And the Knit in Public Day is coming - so we will have some organizing to do here:) It is still so much fun.

I shortly touched the hobby "filofaxing", but I have to admit, it is nice, but I would not get into it into a huge extent. Having a nicely decorated agenda is fine, but that´s all.
Instead here is a snapshot of our baby-blanket for a friend, made by 12 ladies from the knitting group. So cute!

Have a nice weekend!

Hungarian (experimental) Music: Napra - Tulipanos