Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Pattern from Pinterest. Idea, crocheting, styling and Photo by mereljewels.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Knitter´s Pride

Amiota intenziven kotok, kevesebb ekszert keszitek. (kevesebbet = szinte semmit). Ennek foleg az az oka, hogy a fonal - legyen gyapju, akril vagy selyem - sokkal kellemesebb tapintasu, mint a kupos- es metszofogo. Kar, pedig neha nagyon kellene valami uj design (amit ugy kompenzalok, hogy budapesti kezmuves designboltokban verem el a penzt cuki ekszerekre).
Annyira azert megsem nagy baj ez, a kotes-horgolas teljesen felboritotta es egyben fellenditette a szocialis kapcsolati halomat. A ravelryrol majd irok egy uj bejegyzest a Grundra.

Tegnap nemfonalas dobozban keresgeltem kincseket az uj gyurus naptaramhoz es megtalaltam ezeket a behorgolt gyongyoket, amiket valamikor ajandekba kaptam. A szivarvanyszinuek kulon beszerzes voltak valamikor meg amikor kozel volt a gyongyosbolt. Tehat akkor kuposfogo+metszofogo+focimeccs a hatterben.
Kezimunkabloggernek idealis ekszer.

Since I´ve been knitting intensively I have rarely made any jewellery. (rarely= almost none). The main (philosophical) reason behind is that the touch of yarn (wool, acrilic or silk) is much much better than the touch of the jewellery-making tools. Too bad, because sometimes I really want to wear some new designs - which I compensate by buying a lots of cute stuff in the handmade-design shops in Budapest.
Although it is not THAT bad, knitting and crocheting gave a my social life a boost, my network is going rapidly into that direction.I will write an article about this (ravelry) to our community-blog.

Ssso, yesterday I was browsing though my non-yarn boxes for some stuff for my organiser when I found these crocheted beads in my stash. Some I got as a gift, some I bought back then when the bead shop was at walking distance. So I took my metallic tools and watched sweden-denmark (2:1).
It is a great necklace for a craft-blogger with a knitting-tick:)

Hungarian Music: Kiscsillag - Van-e szandek

Monday, June 29, 2015

End of June already!

I haven't written for ages, because the first half of this year (and the second half ol last year) was arount the WEDDING:) We got married in April here in Aachen in a wonderful church with great weather and celebrated in a wonderful place with lovely people. It was worth all the time, stress and planning. This was exactly the way I wanted it to be.

I wanted to have some DIY things for the wedding. This was for sure. So after the day he proposed, I ordered a book 100 Flowers to knit an crochet and I started to design my own wedding bouquet. I made the flowers quite quickly but was thinking of how to build it together for several months. Then I just started to make it and it was ready in 1,5 hrs. I love it.
My friend, Tanteizzy made me the tiny blue butterfly in it (this is the something blue).

I also made a bolero-thing for myself for the church (semi-followed the royal shrug pattern), however I dont have a photo of it were it really shows how cute it became...anyway, it was very handy to have it and it looked great.
My knitting-group buddies surprized me with crocheted flowers - they were standing in front of the church door after the ceremony and held them up so we could walk under them. It was so great! Afterwards I got all the flowers. Some of them are hanging in the flat, the rest will wait for my next birthday to be hung on the wall:)

This is all of them :)

What else happened besides the wedding?
In March we were in a knitting weekend in the Eifel with the Knitting group. It was great! GREAT!

This was the view.

We have an other KAL in the knitting group, featuring the Double heelix socks. Here is the LINK to our KAL. I still need to hutty up with my socks...

AND we had the Knit in Public Day organized in Aachen! We guerilla-knitted a landing in the center of the city :) 

Isn't it beautiful??? :)

I try to get back to a regular blogging pattern. We'll see.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Havent blogged for a while...
So here I am, showing the latest ready project from the Knitalong (KAL) from the Aachen Strickt und haekelt ravelry group.
It was sooo much fun to knit the same project with many others!
So this is it, my Metalouse!